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Posted by Anna on May 26, 2004 at 16:24:36:

Visions of sucking a giant horse cock remained in my fantasies
for many, many years. Of all the homosexual experiences I had had up
until that time, sucking Bill's massive penis was the only one where
there were no regrets whatsoever. It had been mind-blowing. Mmm mmm
I spent the rest of the summer at a lake with cousins and my
I was still 17 in the fall of 1971 and a senior in high school.
Dawn went away to college. Again, looking back from a long
distance in time, I realize that she wanted me to pursue her and
romance her, but I didn't know how. After one poor excuse for a
conversation on the telephone, we went our separate ways.
That fall, I was in the best shape I had ever been in my life -
160 lbs., six feet tall with red hair that I was letting grow longer.
I was still wearing glasses, but I had an infectious smile, a sense of
adventure and a great attitude. I was no longer a virgin and I had
theoretically smoked pot. I was "experienced." I was smart. I was
well liked. I was king. And, I was also tired of getting my sexual
thrills by myself.
In September, I enticed an old girlfriend, Martha, from summer
camp years gone by, into fucking one night when my parents were gone.
We went on a date, came back to my house and I talked her into to
fucking me. She didn't really want to, but I played on our friendship
and when I finally did get her naked, it was an uninspired rubbing of
flesh that left her feeling used (which, in fact, I did), and left me
feeling like the first time when I fucked Dawn. Dammit. Where was
the new high? The new sexual thrill? How was it possible that when I
thrust my manhood into her wet cunt, it was less exciting than beating
off? These ancient philosophical questions bothered me.
Then came Wendy.
Wendy was a casual loner; a friend who had an odd looking face
(Imagine Julia Roberts - same long wavy, dark hair, same mouth too
big, large eyes, ordinary and unadorned by makeup, sharp features,
except that Wendy also had a much larger nose), and a killer body.
She was short with nice legs, a nice round ass, wasp waist and big
breasts. She had the classic hourglass figure. One reason we were
friends is that she dressed as I did - in an exotic fashion. She
either wore the sixties granny dresses or really tight pants with
really tight pullover shirts and no bra. This bizarre attire,
combined with her makeup less face, and her general demeanor - that
of mischievous superiority - "Fuck it, if you can't take a joke," was
a turn off for most guys, in spite of the way she flaunted body.
She also claimed to be a witch - in a religious way. I was, by
this time, interested in all things metaphysical and religious and we
had odd conversations about witchcraft and the occult. I was
unconventional and she was strange. So we got along famously.
One day, she suggested that we fuck. I, (Amazed. Astounded. My
mind blown - this was October and I wanted SEX Dammit!) agreed. This
would be a good idea. She wanted to fuck on Halloween which worked
out nicely, because I was already planning a Halloween party in the
Dun. My only problem was what to do until then. Should I start
treating Wendy like a girlfriend? Should I take her out? Try and get
into her pants? This put our relationship in a different category
where I had to deal with logistics and social niceties. I didn't
really want to be her boyfriend - she was, after all, pretty bizarre,
but I felt I had to ask her out on a date.
We went to a movie. Other than getting up enough nerve to hold
her hand, nothing happened. When I kissed her good night,
however, she was the one that slipped her tongue into my mouth. We
drew out the kiss, and I got a raging hard on which I pressed into her
crotch drawing her closer to me. She pressed right back, wiggling her
hot groin into mine. When I finally came up for air and tried to
figure out just how far I could go with this, she grabbed my cock
through my pants, squeezed and said, "Good night, see you in school,"
and went inside.
I jerked off in the car outside her house, my cum shooting two
feet in the air.
For the next week, during school, I tried to get her alone to make
out. I succeeded once. We french kissed frantically in the empty
backstage of the auditorium, my hands running over her sexy body and
hers moving again to my hard dick. I just managed to start massaging
her braless breasts thru her really tight pullover, when we had to
separate again, and go to class. I tried to figure out how to
masturbate during class undetected, but I hadn't reached that level of
prowess yet.
When Halloween finally came, we made out off and on all night,
french kissing and exchanging tongues. As I attended to my guests and
mingled around, I would freely feel up her breasts, giving them a
caress at times, and once or twice stroking her crotch as I walked by
- with her wicked assent. By the time all of the other kids had left
I was an eager little beaver.
She on the other hand, was wicked.
First, she set the lights just the way she wanted in the little
back room and then picked out all of "her" music.
She told me to sit on one if the couches and explained, a little
vaguely, that this was an important ritual in her witch's religion -
she needed me to make a strong effort to "exchange energy" with her.
I was ready to exchange whatever she wanted.
Then, she started dancing and swaying to the music. I remember
that the first song she picked was "The Age of Aquarius."
She had on a witch's costume (of course). I was dressed as a
devil - red pants, red shirt and red tie. These were all part of my
normal wardrobe. I had stiffened up part of my hair into two horns.
She had on a long, black, floor length granny skirt that almost
covered her bare feet. Her blouse was a black satin sheen material and
while it molded her upper body nicely, it was not one of those skin
tight things she often wore.. And of course, she had a cape and hat.
"I have to be in control here," said Wendy. "You have to keep up
with me. What ever I do, you have to do too. It's necessary for the
magic. Just stay on the couch."
I nodded in assent. I really liked this girl.
Wendy took off her hat first, shaking out her long, dark hair,
rotating her head to send it flying. She had her arms up in the air,
waving to the music as she danced up to where I was sitting and shook
her hips in front of my face.
"And love will guide the stars," she crooned along with the music,
sliding her hands down her hips and grabbing the material of her
granny gown. As she swayed to the beat, she slowly hiked up the front
of her skirt, exposing first her beautiful bare legs. She continued
lifting past her luscious thighs to uncover black, fishnet panties. I
could see her cunt slit surrounded by hair sticking out of the mesh.
This was incredible! I felt my penis harden as I reached out my hands
to grasp her thighs.
"Uh, uh," she smiled at me and removed my hands. "Just watch."
She slowly pulled down the front of her panties, baring her bushy,
black beaver. Her pubic hairs were full and thick. I rubbed my own
thighs nervously with my hands, my hard on jumping in my pants, as she
inched down her panties, finally letting the gown drop and cover her
as she bent over and stepped out of them. Dancing all the while, she
lightly brushed her panties over my nose and face. I inhaled, leaning
forward, her musky sex smell inflaming my already throbbing dick.
Reflexively, I stuck out my tongue, licking at Wendy's panties.
She laughed and threw them away and said "Well?"
I looked at her, wondering what she wanted me to do now.
She swayed, rubbing her hands over her body.
"Whatever I do, you have to do..." she said cheerfully, smiling
and swaying.
"OK," I said, rubbing my hands on my chest and torso.
"No," she said, explaining, "You have to sit on the couch and take
off what I take off."
I sat down, realizing that she had taken off her panties.
"But," I said, "if I take off my underwear, I'll......" I trailed
off, realizing that this is what she wanted.
I was actually a little embarrassed about being naked in front of
her fully clothed, well, almost fully clothed. This is stupid, I told
myself as I took off my shoes, pants and underwear. This girl wants
to fuck me! My cock had gone soft, but it stirred as I stripped. She
smiled at my semi-hard dick, dancing and licking her lips now, while
it slowly rose again with each sensuous move she made. When my hard
manhood began waving in the air, she started unbuttoning her satin
blouse. With each button, she exposed more of her smooth flesh. When
her blouse was halfway open, she pulled her breasts out, stretching
the material of her shirt around them and she began fondling her
nipples, touching them and caressing them in time to the music.
God, I was hot. I wanted to jump up, clamp my mouth on her tits,
throw up her skirt and plunge my twitching cock into her randy cunt.
She was indeed bewitching me into extreme horniness. I restrained
myself only because this was her witch's brew and I knew her well
enough to know that she might lose interest if I "violated" her rules.
She continued the unbuttoning process in time to the music and
pulled open her blouse. She ran her hands over her flat midriff and
twirled her fingers around her belly button. My cock was jumping and
I had to put my hands on it and squeeze.
"Wendy," I said. "You're killing me. Your breasts are incredibly
beautiful." I didn't know what else to say, thinking of Dawn and her
concern about her breast size.
She just smiled and pushed the waist of her skirt deliberately
down her hips, slowly exposing more of her thick bush and the tops of
her thighs. Then, now, moving faster, she threw off her blouse so that
she was clothed only by her cape and low hung skirt. She did present
an supernaturally sexy image. She grinned at me wickedly and
indicated that I should do the same.
"But you can leave the tie on," she purred.
"Ohhhh, you cheat," I half groaned, realizing that, except for my
tie, I would be entirely naked, while she still had on her dress and
cape. Nonetheless, I took off my shirt, flipping up the collar and
sliding it under the tie, stripping naked in a state of total arousal,
enjoying her game.
She danced to me and rubbed her hands over my naked chest and
nipples, tossing the tie over my shoulder, then up to my face where I
licked at her moving fingers. God, this was exciting! Extraordinary
erotic sensations were coursing through my naked body. My chest was
tight and I was breathing heavily. I wanted to rub my dick, its tip
wet and oozing pre-cum, on her naked stomach and breasts.
"Lie down on the rug," she said, flicking both of my nipples with
her fingers and stepping back.
Wow! The titillating sting from my chest nubs zipped to my cock
and set it quivering. I quickly complied with her demand and lay on
my back, my erection pulsing, straining upwards.
She danced over, facing me, her legs straddling my body. Her hot
pussy, still hidden under her skirt was over my stomach. I felt the
hem of her dress sweep over my aroused manhood, a new torrid touch to
my lust. I was almost panting now, hypnotized by Wendy's swaying half
nude body, her fingers once more playing with her tits and hard
nipples. A sinful smile was on her face and the tip of her tongue
played between her teeth. The hem of her dress rubbed on my cock and
"Oh my God," I breathed huskily, "You're incredible."
This weird girlfriend of mine was indeed a witch.
Then she stepped forward. She placed a foot at each shoulder and
her skirt brushed over me and covered up my face.
I could smell the acrid musk of her cunt as I grasped her smooth
legs, my fingers seeking upwards as she began to lower herself to me.
As she squatted down, spreading her legs, lowering her steamy vagina
down to my face, I reached the folds of this hot slit with my hands.
I grasped at her slick pussy lips with each set of fingers, opening
her, pulling her down to me, when she pushed her skirt back and looked
down on my face, grabbing my wrists.
Her tits hung like full ripe melons, her nipples large and hard,
bobbing right above my face as she said mystically , "No Greg. I am
the Goddess........"
She pulled my hands away from her wet gash, threw her skirt back
over my face and resumed her descent. I heard her demand, "Eat me."
My head bounced up, my hands now on her ass, my tongue straining
in the dark confines of her skirt to find her vagina. She placed her
pussy on my tongue and kneeled downward on my face, spreading her hot
thighs wide until she was pressing into me. My mouth was full of
sloppy, wet cunt. My tongue twirled upwards into her, my nose buried
in the hard nub of her clitoris. The pungent smell of her sex was all
consuming. I slid my hands up her bare back, reveling in the fiery
touch of her flesh as she ground her cunt against my face.
Wendy moaned in ecstasy as I tried to force my tongue deeper into
her dripping crotch slit. My dick was on fire, jerking and quivering.
Every breath I gasped was immersed in her sultry scent and wet, juicy
clit. I was entirely lost to sensual pleasure.
"Eat me," she demanded again, massaging my mouth with her cunt
lips. I could almost feel them move with a life of their own.
"Drink me," she cried, and I lapped at her liquids, my tongue
searching the folds of her sopping wet cunt, a servant of passion.
"Unnnnnnnghhhh," I moaned into her vagina, as Wendy rocked back
and forth on my face.
"Yesssssssss," she hissed. "Now lick my darkness."
She barely raised herself up and slid forward, my tongue sliding
from her cunt and out back to her ass. I felt her hands beneath her
gown, her fingers spreading her ass cheeks, pressing into my cheeks as
she lowered her asshole on to my mouth.
I was lost in her spell of eroticism and my tongue licked her
twitching shithole. This was sex with a capital S and all of the
things I had done and read about were here as I tongued her anal bud
with abandon. She lowered herself until her assbud was spread in my
mouth. I could feel her tight
ring grapple with my tongue, drawing it inside her ass even as I
thrust it in. The chalky, dirty taste was there, but the juices of
her cunt were coating my face and mixing with the slippery sweat of
her anus. My nose was buried in the flesh of her vagina and I inhaled
all the wanton smell of her wet juices.
My whole frame was shuddering in time to my gasps when Wendy stood
up and stepped back. I was literally delirious with raunchy lust. I
looked up at her flushed body, still swaying, now shiny with sweat.
Her naked breasts and clothed hips drawing forth the image of a pagan
goddess. Then, she pushed off the skirt, tossing it to the side and
stood over my waist. Her black pubic hair was soaked and matted back
with her juices and my saliva. The pink folds of her labia shone
darkly in the subdued lighting.
"Now we fuck," she said.
She squatted over my trembling organ, placing her fingertips on my
chest around my nipples. Bending over so that her face was above
mine, her tits hanging down full and aroused, she spread her legs
impossibly wide and lowered her pussy lips to the head of my cock. I
jerked on contact and felt the most uncanny sensation of my life. Her
cunt lips were moving, nibbling the head of my prick drawing it up
into her!
"Oh, Fuuuck," I groaned, losing all control, my hips rocketing
upwards to bury my burning hardness in her wet tunnel.
"No!!" she cried, raising herself off me and spinning around
instantaneously as I convulsed in orgasm.
She grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed hard to stop me, but
it was too late.
"AAAAHHHH," I yelped, ejaculating in pleasure / pain at her steel
grip. She covered my spurting tool with her mouth and sucked my
shaft, drinking my cum, suddenly releasing her grip and milking my rod
with her hand as I unloaded a flood of sperm, bucking and shuddering
in ecstasy. When my eruption had subsided, she continued sucking my
penis, driving me insane as the sensitive head was over stimulated.
"Nooooo, please," I moaned. "Stop."
"You were supposed to wait," said Wendy, taking her relentless
mouth off my dick and licking my stomach, lapping up any sticky cum
that may have escaped. "Now we have to do it again..."
This is one very strange chick, I thought dimly. But she continued
to move her tongue up my body, running its rough edge over one of my
nipples, licking up the side of my neck to my chin. Then she thrust
her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my own sticky jiz mixed with
Wendy's saliva. She coated my ass licker tongue with my cum. She
rammed her tongue back to my throat, then drawing back and licking the
inside of my mouth. She licked her ass and my cum off my tongue and
then put her hands on my face, forcing my mouth open and she licked my
teeth and lips. Her luscious tits were pressing into my chest. I
could feel the little spearpoints of her excited nipples pushing
against mine. I was burnt out, but I was 17 and her slick, naked
flesh wiggling against my naked flesh and her hands pressing against
my face and her soaking wet pussy dripping its fluids on my hip and
stomach while her tongue was massaging my mouth, kindled a new fire in
my groin. My spent cock rose to new hardness and I responded again by
clasping her to me, sliding my hands across her sweat slicked back and
shoving my tongue against hers. She let go of my face and reaching
backwards, her eyes on mine, she placed her hand on my revived
manhood, reaching her hand around my shaft and squeezing. Keeping
her grip, she slid down my body once more, still watching my eyes,
saying commandingly, "Now this time, wait."
She squatted over my dick again and guided it to her ready cunt
with her hand.
I moaned again, both at the inflamed tenderness of my member and
at the lustful madness of this night.
Again, I felt her the labia of her vagina nibbling at my cock
head, drawing it inside her. She was actually sucking me up into her
cunt, pulling at my penis with her vaginal muscles as she lowered her
body onto it.
"Ohhhhh, Goddessssss, Yessss," she chanted in pleasure as my stiff
staff was slowly sucked up into the soft, liquid tunnel of her hot
flesh. Again, her face was over mine with her hands on my chest, her
fingers on my nipples.
"Don't move," she said, enravishing me with her dark eyes, willing
me into submission as her fuck hole swallowed my fuck pole.
Wendy tilted and moved her hips as her vagina devoured my manhood
until, finally she was sitting on my crotch, her wet groin against
mine. Never taking her eyes off mine, she started sliding up and down
my pole, pushing up off my chest, her fingernails digging into my
sensitive nipples. I was shivering in my effort to control myself, to
not again simply slam my hungry cock into her and stop this exquisite
"OHHHH," she moaned, picking up her tempo, sliding up and down,
rocking her hips, snaking her sweaty belly on mine.
"OHHHHH," she moaned again, abruptly vibrating her pussy, shaking
her thighs and ass on my fuckmeat as her searing wet cunt continued to
rock back and forth on my groin.
"YESSSSSSS!" she sobbed, rubbing her burning slit against me
frantically as she spasmed and cried, "NOW! FUCK ME NOW!"
My hips bucked upwards, whipping me hard against her, melding with
her slick fire.
"YESSS!,,YEESSS, GODESSSS!,, FUCK ME!" she cried, convulsing in
her orgasms, her hands clutching and relaxing on my chest.
She suddenly grabbed my tie and pulled!
Oh my God!, then I could feel it again! Her cunt came alive on my
cock, the spongy, inner walls clamping my shaft, rippling down the
veins of my meat, kneading my rigid manhood. I exploded, my sperm
pumping again from my shaft.
She kept her grip on my tie, pulling my head to her hot mouth,
driving in her wet tongue, cutting off my air even as I spasmed in
orgasm, shooting my load deep into her belly.
"GHH, God, Fggck , GHhhh, Fghhhck, NNNNGGHHHHH" I choked,
shuddering with release, every part of my body overloaded, my insides
orgasming, the whole world cumming in shooting stars and galaxies.
She let go of the tie. My head fell back and my hips shot up and
lifted in the air. I pulled her wet body to mine, both of us
convulsing and moaning and groaning; Our bodies shook with
overstimulation Our orgasms drove us in a roaring crescendo of bliss.
"AAAHHHHHHHHH," we both cried, cumming again and again.
When at last our tremors subsided, I lay there, gasping, my mind
floating in some far off place. Gradually, my prick softened inside
her and I felt our cooling fluids wetting my groin.
Wendy got up, pulling her cunt off of my cock and straddled me
again, spreading her legs. As she put her blouse on, more of our fuck
juice dripped onto my naked stomach. Finally, she slipped her dress
on, hiding her hairy bush. I watched her, still immobile and naked,
as she smiled and said, "Good night Greg. We'll see...."
I let her show herself out. She was so strange. And I was so
When I saw her next, she thanked me for a great time. But, she
said she didn't think it would work with us. She didn't want to go
into the details of what was supposed to have "worked," and although
she remained my friend, she never offered to fuck again.
She might have been my girlfriend if I would have taken the time -
gone out on dates, held hands in school, etc. She was only 17 after
all, but I was a little bit scared of her. And, she was too bizarre
and outspoken. Her wild sexuality was daunting. I had all sorts of
stupid reasons for not wanting to get back into the pants of the
wildest fuck of my life (What - only really the second time after

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